Our Story

While in the thick of the lockdown, I realized that even if the world is a smaller place these days, sourcing beautiful items for my son was still not that easy. Most of the items found in the market are too either too flashy, loud, immoderate, or are just too blue or pink!

So I began looking for quality items that I could bring together so that parents like me, who appreciate minimalism, simplicity and beauty, could get their hands on these gems too. Items too that do not stereotype gender.

Lukas, means light.

Lukas and Lukas was named after my two beautiful sons; the first one, Hafthor Lukas, who I believe is watching us from above, and Lukas Magnus, who happens to be our rainbow baby.

Love and Light.

I’m Andrea Zee, also known by a few as Zee Mommy Diary, and I am also the mother of Lukas and Lukas.