GREEN PACKAGING: A kinder packaging option for a better future.

EDITED 08/11/2021: Happy hump day! Here's some good news: GREEN PACKAGING OPTION FEE IS WAIVED INDEFINITELY🤍

Because we really encourage our customers to choose this option. We hope you could support this cause🐢


One of the biggest culprits of plastic pollution in the world is packaging materials companies use to transport products and display them in the retail environment. 

When we birthed this store, I didn't realize how much a teenie tiny small business like ours could accumulate so many plastic wastes. Since the beginning, we've been working on minimizing packaging wastes and discarded packaging; From limiting plastic bubble wraps and cling wraps, to using scratch papers and reusing old packaging materials, to partnering with brands that are eco-conscious, too. I must admit, it's not that easy (and sometimes more expensive, and time consuming!), but with the emerging sustainable technologies and solutions, it  is possible.

Lukas and Lukas is offering a GREEN PACKAGING OPTION to customers who are availing of products that have plastic and styrofoam packaging.

By selecting 'GREEN PACKAGING' you are allowing us to remove plastic packaging materials from products prior to shipping.
Lukas and Lukas will then donate these waste materials on your behalf to social enterprises like the PLAF,  that upcycle plastics. 

Check on the Green Packaging Option to avail of the add on.


  • If selected, there is a PHP 80 charge automatically added to your cart to cover additional handling costs. As of Aug 11, This fee is waived.
  • By removing the outer plastic wrapping, some products may incur minor scuff marks during transport. We will include eco-friendly packaging materials to minimize this possibility however, by selecting GREEN OPTION, you agree to accept this risk.
  • By default, we will only be removing the outer plastic wrapping unless you indicate in the Instruction to remove all plastic packaging section that we remove ALL plastic and styro materials in the product including those inside the product's original packaging.

You may also add a note below if you wish to have ALL plastic packaging removed, including the ones inside the product's original packaging, to be replaced with more sustainable materials.


  • By removing all plastic wrapping, some products may incur minor scuff marks during transport. We will include eco-friendly packaging materials to minimize this possibility however, by selecting GREEN OPTION, you agree to accept this risk.
  • By clicking this, you are allowing Lukas and Lukas to tamper any seal, remove or change the product's original packaging, if necessary.
  • This request shall only be granted if you have selected the GREEN PACKAGING option. 


Here are some FAQs regarding the Green Option Packaging:

Q: Is this option applicable to all your merchandise?

A: No. Most of the products we carry are not sealed with plastic packaging. You will only see this option on products with plastics and/or styrofoam.

Q: If we don't avail of this option, what packaging materials will you use?

A: We are still using our eco-friendly packaging materials. The difference with opting for GREEN PACKAGING is that we will be collecting these plastic packaging materials on your behalf, and then donate our collection to an organization that upcycles plastics.

Q: If you remove the plastic packaging, will my order still be secure and safe during transport?

A: There is a risk that some products may incur minor scuff marks during transport. We will be using eco-friendly packaging materials as alternatives to minimize this possibility. We will do our ultimate best to wrap them with TLC.

Q: Is there a refund / replacement if I receive my package with damage?

A: This will depend on the severity of the damage. As mentioned above, there is a risk that minor scuff marks may appear, and by availing of the GREEN PACKAGING option, you are accepting that risk. Unless the product was damaged severely due to mishandling of Lukas and Lukas, there are no refunds and replacements.

Q: Why is there a charge for the GREEN PACKAGING option?

A: As much as we want to offer this for free so as to encourage our customers to opt for this packaging, we need to charge to pay for additional materials, storage, website app fee and transportation fees. 

Q: Can I still avail of your gift packaging even if I avail of your Green Packaging Option?

A: Yes! (And we're also working on reducing packaging wastes and using compostable materials for our gift packaging.)

By supporting this cause, you are contributing to our earth's healing, health and welfare of many plastic manufacturers, and a safe future for our children. Thank you!

Our Green Packaging Option is already available on our webstore, and is free until August 12, 2021.


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